Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my images to you?

  • Email it to (If less than 15mb).
  • Large files can be sent by '' or we can download from your ftp site.
  • Or pop a disc in the post.
What kind of files can you accept?
  • We can accept any file that will open in Adobe Photoshop.
  • We can also accept PDFs, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In-Design files and QuarkXpress.
  • The ideal file for us to work from would be the original Photoshop layered artwork.
How will the finished files be returned to me?
  • We normally use 'yousendit' or we can upload them to your FTP site or send them on a disc.
  • 3D conversions will be returned as RGB JPEG or PSD files. We can supply them in CMYK but we find printers and newspapers prefer to convert the RGB files to CMYK to suit their own particular printing profile.
  • Lenticular conversions will be returned as CMYK tiffs for print. We will include a .mov file for you to check the effect.
  • Red Reveal files will be returned as a CMYK tiff for print or RGB for web.
Is there anything we need to tell you before you start converting the images?
  • Tell us the size you are printing them so we give you the best resolution.
  • Tell us your deadline and we will meet it.
What about 3D Glasses or Red Reveal Filters?
  • They are best bought direct from our manufacturer.
  • We hold a stock of 3D and Red Reveal glasses and filters and we would be pleased to quote.
Anaglyph (red/blue) 3D Conversions

What kind of images can be converted to 3D?

  • Any image can be converted into 3D; Photographs, illustrations, line art or text headlines.
  • The best images to convert are those with 'depth' i.e. things in the foreground, middle distance and background.
  • Avoid dark subjects on white backgrounds or plain white backgrounds. Small type is best not in 3D.
Can I check to see if my image is suitable for 3D before it's converted?
  • Yes - simply use a pair of red/cyan 3D specs on your image and see if there is any 'flashing' (part of the image very dark in one eye and very light in the other). This usually happens where there is a bright red area - if you can balance out those colours, that will help the 3D effect.
  • Check that the image you send to us is the right way round - 3D Conversions cannot be reversed (flipped horizontally) once they are done because the depth goes 'inside-out' and looks wrong.
Red Reveal

How do we prepare the artwork for Red Reveal?

  • Simply create a separate file for each message and type in the message you want hidden.
  • If you want an image revealed then send us the image and let us know the size of the job.
What kind of fonts work best in Red Reveal?
  • Any font can be converted into Red Reveal but some work better than others.
  • LCD font is favourite which is good for encoding numerals too.
  • Small type also hides well in Red Reveal.