We can supply hidden Red Reveal messages for use in print, web or on social media.

Our special red filter glasses are needed to see the hidden messages or images and we have several hundred in stock. However if you require thousands we will put you in touch with the manufacturer direct.

We can supply red reveal for short run invitations or mailers and our prices will reflect this.

Red reveal can be used for large print run commercial work with complex messages or images.

Here are some example Red Reveal prices:-
Simple 3 or 4 line text message for short run invitation - A6 @ 75, A5 @ 125, A4 @ 175
Hidden secure message up to 10 lines in high resolution for multiple print runs - A6 @ 225, 5 @ 325, A4 @ 425
Complex hidden images and text in high resolution for multiple print runs - A6 @ 325, A5 @ 425, A4 @ 525

We supply the red reveal as a pdf or a tiff file for you to give to your printer or add to the page of your publication.


Beware of simple DIY solutions being offered from other businesses.
We've been developing Red Reveal over many years to ensure the highest quality effect.
For instance, your monitor shows colours in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and inks for printing on paper are CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). What might look OK in RGB on screen will fail in print.
Also a CMYK file viewed on screen will not look as good as the printed job.
Our expertise includes correcting the colours for each individual image/message.

A few samples of our Red Reveal process.

Click on a thumbnail and view the large image through a red filter to reveal the secret message.