The Camera Phone Illusion Book by Jim Sharp

Published September 2016, this is a brand new book oozing with optical illusions
that work with two eyes, one eye or your camera phone.

The author, Jim Sharp, founder of Pinsharp3D, has been an eye-ologistfor decades,
fascinated with how the eyes work and how they can be deceived.

The book has a variety of illusions, includingAnamorphic Illusions, 3D Anamorphic Illusions (no 3D glasses needed!) and a new series of Duillusions, which work either by viewing them on your mobile phone's camera screen, or by moving the image further away from you.

And if that wasn't enough, there's a plethora of interesting Eye Facts included!

It's a fantastic gift for anyone with a camera phone or at least one working eye!

Paperback, 210mm x 145mm, 80 pages. Only 12.95 plus p+p.

Buy it HERE!

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