50 Pairs of red/cyan 3D glasses
FREE with every 3D Conversion over 50!

Great for PowerPoint presentations and short print-runs. Call or email Jim for more info.

The perfect gift for any
camera phone user!

A collection of optical illusions specially compiled for viewing with a mobile phone camera.

Only 12.95 plus P+P.

Available from here or click on the pic.

Recent projects...

A couple of 3D Floor Graphics for Danish fruit-bottlers 'Froosh'. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Also check our 3D Floor Graphics page for more samples.

'There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Star' - children's 3D book for Scholastic Australia.
A quick word about us...

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Did you know that 3D images are looked at much longer than normal 2D images?

That's because there's lots more visual information in a 3D image - for your customers, the longer they look, the more they take in.

We've been producing 3D and other innovative ideas for over 30 years, and can adapt our services to fit your particular requirements and budget.